Want to know more about online reputation ?

Hi, I am Carole Torlasco and I would like to talk to you about hotel & restaurant business online reputation….

I have been an English trainer since 2018 involving the topics of the online reputation or main distributors of  the hotel & restaurant business.

It is a very exciting experience for someone like me who has always loved speaking English and also sharing my skills and expertise in hotel & restaurant promotion !


So far these English courses have been shared with French and foreign students at Toulouse Business School but I am also offering them to any hotel or restaurant business owners or workers who would like to improve their knowledge on these very important subjects.


We will talk about  : basic trends of the hospitality business, key trends, major issues concerning online reputation, special tools and solution for online reputation, how to answer a guest’s review properly…. And of course we will learn more about tripadvisor,, google my business,, and many other “websites” !


And to conclude here is a short summary of my business “déclic conseil et solutions”:


I have 2 main activities

-Training most of the time the hotel& restaurant staff or management, in the marketing and web-marketing fields

-consulting services in the same fields for the same  type of customers.

All of my customers are independent hotels or restaurants  and just to give you some examples ; for some of them I can help them with :

-Improving their online reputation

-Improving their online visibility

-Selling their business to foreign operators

-Settling their  commercial or communication strategy

-Taking care of their online and offline communication


both in the strategic or operational side of marketing.


See you soon and have a good day !


Carole Torlasco

P. 00 33 6 16 45 26 09